Our Workshops

Over 3-days in Uganda, we teach photography to local girls and women endeavouring to become journalists. These girls come from a Mass Communication and Journalism program at either Makerere University or Uganda Christian University.  Each girl receives a camera to keep, and the training to tell stories that matter to them.

After the initial 3-day training is complete, five students who show the most aptitude and interest are chosen to work with me and a local NGO in the host country.  This provides much-needed imagery to the NGO and the girls get field experience, while building a portfolio of written articles and images.  This exercise helps them when competing for a job.

After returning to Canada, the training continues for the following year. 

The girls are provided with:

  • Weekly video tutorials on one aspect of photography
  • Bi-weekly check-ins using Zoom so that we can discuss the concepts, while providing feedback on their photos.
  • Monthly assignments to cement their training.
  • Opportunities to attend a film-making camp to work on their video skills.
  • Access to the editing lab twice a month.

After graduating from the course, the girls receive assistance with resume and cover letter writing.  They also receive assistance with their Linkedin profile and practice applying for a job.