Our Team

Meet our fabulous team

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Founder & CEO

“I believe that by giving back we make the world a better place

Amina Mohamed, is the founder and lead photographer.  Having had a successful career in film and television, she was inspired to tell stories of others impacted by injustice.

Having come to Canada in 1972 as a refugee from Uganda, she grew up with a tethered connection to two vastly different countries and cultures, that further inspired her world view. 

She created Cameras For Girls to address the realities of life for girls and women living in poverty.  Through the use of photography and the power to tell stories that matter to them, she empowers them to escape violence, poverty, gender inequality, and unemployment.

Team In Uganda

Kenneth Mulinde, Professional Photographer & Videographer

Kenneth is a social entrepreneur, who started working with us from day one. Through his social enterprise of Youth Arts Movement Uganda (YAMU), Kenneth supports the initiative by supporting the training of the girls in-country and in tandem with the training provided in Canada. Through YAMU, he strives to reduce poverty among the youth through its skills empowerment program that fosters employability, enterprise, creativity, and innovation with a vision of creating a generation of excellent young people in Uganda determined to defeat poverty.

Daniel Semwogerere, Professional Photographer

Daniel Semwogerere is a professional photographer in Uganda.  He has been a gracious supporter and volunteer with Cameras For Girls since the first workshop in August 2018.

Daniel has carved out a niche in photography by focusing on people’s real-life moments.  He especially enjoys capturing the pure, unreserved joy on someone’s face and focuses on creating an experience, not just a pose.  Aside from working with his own clients, he enjoys working with other creatives on conceptual art through photography. 

Daniel is always there to support our girls with any technical issues or assistance in helping them grow as photographers.

Board Members

Farah Mohamed, Former CEO Malala Fund & Founder Girls 20

A seasoned senior executive with extensive and broad national and international experience in government, social profit, and for-profit sectors. For the past twenty-five years, Farah has worked alongside politicians, entrepreneurs, business leaders, philanthropists, and change-makers, including Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai.

Having travelled to over 64 countries spanning 6 continents, she offers a rich global perspective on different cultures, nuances, and how to navigate and negotiate with governments, private and social profit entities in Canada, the USA, United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Russia, Australia, Turkey, China, Germany, Pakistan, Brazil, and Iraq.

Valerie Hill, Print Journalist

Valerie Hill has been a print journalist for three decades, specializing in arts and winning several industry awards for her work. In 2011, following her first visit to Uganda, where she volunteered with a Canadian charity, she started her own organization, DreamShare Uganda which she ran until 2020. The charity worked with one remote rural school, raising enough funds to build classrooms, latrines, a girls dormitory, a sewing room, installing solar lighting and a water collection system. DreamShare was nominated for an Oktoberfest Woman of the Year award in the charitable organization category in 2019. Valerie was nominated the previous year in the arts & culture category. 

Cristina Sacco, Professional Portrait Photographer

Cristina’s professional portrait experience spans more than 15 years and includes some of the finest work in the industry with her family studio Boy Girl Photography Ltd and corporate side studio Stetati Media.  In the years since, Cristina has become one of Canada’s most respected industry photographers, which has led her to photograph various public events and public figures including Prime Minister Stephen Harper and clients such as TedX Corktown and Manulife. 

Cristina has been a long-time supporter of charities and such as Lead photographer for the After Breast Cancer S/HE Thrives calendar.  


Linda has a passion for making a difference and touching lives. She’s a warm extrovert who has a heart for humanity and their causes.  Linda is a deep believer that philanthropy is a philosophy & mindset to live by, and all charities deserve to have equal access to the support & resources they need. 

Building relationships is natural for her, and she values them as the foundation in all that she does, personally and professionally.  Nothing means more to her than connecting with others, sharing a meaningful cause and making things happen! 

Her background consists of active community volunteerism, event planning & management, communications and fundraising. 

Most recently she has been involved with PURE Philanthropy in communications and business development, and with the Salvation Army in fundraising and volunteer management

Advisory Board

Karim H. Ismail is co-CEO and co-Founder of Palmeira Holdings LLC, a Florida-based real estate development company.

He is also Chair of the Spark of Hope Foundation (USA), a registered 501c3 charity that raises awareness and funds for university scholarships for female students from the Global South, in order to help develop tomorrow’s female leaders and bring about meaningful change in their societies.

Karim is the author of the best-seller Keep Any Promise: a blueprint for designing your future and has extensive executive coaching experience. He lives in Toronto, Canada with his spouse Narmin, and has two adult children.

Sherry Prenevost is an artist, advocate, and well known Canadian Photographer.  Her Fine Art photographic images have been presented to the Queen of England, The Governor-General of Canada (David Johnson), David Suzuki, the President of Sierra Leone, and the King of Busoga: Edward Wambuzi Colombus, among others. Her work is internationally exhibited and collected.

She is an ardent supporter of social justice, human rights, and the environment.  She is the former CEO of an international humanitarian /environmental charity and has been a member of and or advisor to various Boards of Directors.  

She travels working to preserve, protect and promote sustainability of peoples, nature and humanity–utilizing photography to convey the interconnectedness of it all by bringing art into humanity and humanity into art.

She works to positively influence advocacy, policy development and community empowerment at local, national and international levels.