Hear What Our Students Have to Say

Elizabeth Nabakka

Student at Uganda Christian University.

“I currently am a student at Uganda Christian University and I am so happy because I have been part of the Cameras for Girls training and I have learned a lot from it. I had a passion for photography but I did not have the equipment and I did not have a person who would explain to me how to use it and a person who would literally explain to me what I need to know to operate my camera and a person who would give me a chance to try out my abilities.
I am happy now at last I have a camera to use, take good photos, learn how to edit them and achieve a lot within this year. I really know I am going to change the world because my passion is photography in the environment and children. I really want to thank Amina and Cameras for Girls for this opportunity.”


Journalism student

“I am Lynn from Uganda Christians University in Uganda. As a journalism student we study photography but it’s mainly the basics to get through class and pass exams. But when Cameras for Girls and Triple F Photo Tours gave me the opportunity to do training in photography – well I must say it has been an awakening. I did not know there was a lot in a camera that I would actually use to be able to take pictures. I now believe I am confident in myself and my skills to take pictures and to do anything. I now own a camera and I am ready to take pictures and change the world”

Brandy V. Azeirwe

Journalism student

“I am Brandy Valentine Azeirwe and I am a student in journalism in Uganda. This training has been so amazing because I have gotten to appreciate photography as a whole. In-depth from the aperture, the shutter speed, and the ISO. Everything has started to make sense because I was previously shooting everything in Auto. The fact that the environment we live in, the boys do more of the photography and the videography, while the girls are stuck with the scriptwriting, blah blah blah and that has not been fair enough, but now knowing that after this training I have the skills and the power to do this is so amazing. I look forward to finishing off the year long training and get started with my own personal movements with the camera I got. I guess I will be practicing more and it’s going to be exciting.”

J. Nakatte


One of my articles was published this week. My editor appreciated what you did for me because I was about to lose my job and the fact that I can now own a camera, I was put on payroll, and I’m going to start being paid in September because I’ve not been getting my salary ever since I started working in June. I’ll forever live to be grateful for what you did for me”.

J. Aliba


“My name is Joy Aliba, a Ugandan girl who loves photography, when I signed up for the photography training I knew very little about camera work, however with the help of Amina at Cameras for Girls Uganda my camera skills have improved. I love photography particularly with an interest in taking candid pictures because they are very expressive and sincere. Despite trying to make ends meet, I will always use the opportunity that Amina gave to me to use my camera as an opportunity for me to survive. Thank you Amina and everyone who contributed a camera to Cameras For Girls, I wish you would see how impactful your contributions are to us.”

D. Moxie

Volunteer Photographer

“Well, I didn’t know that it could actually be possible for someone to learn how to use a camera in just three days, then boom you taught these girls and by the time the workshop ended they all knew exactly what to do. You really make a great teacher, you taught them basics and some are now earning an income with their new skills and some are even getting more and more successful in their journalism careers. Thank you so much for the support. Looking forward to doing more and more workshops in the future. You did magic for these girls. Not so many people sacrifice their time for a greater good.”

Lucinda De Almedia


My name is Lucinda De Almeida I am a graphic design student based in South Africa .I remember saving up and purchasing my first camera it had always been a goal of mine to learn how to shoot pictures.  I now had the camera  but had no idea where to start. I found out about Cameras For Girls, and got to meet the most wonderful ladies who were all in the same boat as me , the course content has been set up in a way that accommodates my schedule so I am learning as I go. Meeting Anima has been such a blessing as she fully invests herself into helping us along this journey goes out of her way to avail herself and makes sure you understand.  Her passion shines through as she shares her knowledge and it’s clear that all she wants is for you to succeed always so  open to bestow her knowledge  onto you. .With the support for Cameras For Girls. I’m excited to grow as a creative and incorporate my own photography into my design work as well as storytelling. I’m really optimistic about how much I have grown and learnt already. I can only imagine where I’ll be in a year from now.