How Charitable Giving Benefits You As The Donor

You’ve probably heard the saying; It’s better to give than to receive. It’s true! You can feel good about helping others and giving back to your community. Not to mention you might even be eligible for tax deductions or other financial incentives to donate money or goods, but how exactly does charitable giving benefit you as the donor? Let’s look at how donating makes us all feel good while simultaneously improving our lives, both emotionally and financially.

Amina with Cameras For Girls students in Uganda 2019

Amina with Cameras For Girls students in Uganda 2019

What does it mean to be generous?

But what does it mean to be generous? On a societal level, generosity implies that everyone should help each other as much as possible. Financial contributions often define this. In most cultures, financial giving is also considered a sign of virtue; donating money shows you’re willing to work hard and earn extra income to give more than your fair share. Being charitable can help you positively impact both your community and your psyche. That’s because making donations makes people feel empowered and happy, which may encourage them to continue being generous and put them in a better mood overall. This type of happiness is often called warm glow happiness because it feels like warm feelings flowing through our bodies when we feel generous.

3 Ways to Give that Benefit You

According to studies, people who donate experience happiness and improved health. Your brain releases dopamine when you’re generous, causing a sense of pleasure. Studies also show that altruism increases lifespan. Generosity can relieve stress and reduce your blood pressure. Being generous can even lower your risk of heart disease by boosting good cholesterol and reducing harmful cholesterol levels. 

Developing and using willpower will help keep your discipline strong and help build healthy habits over time. Donating can be seen as a selfless act, but don’t forget: benevolence can positively affect your life. Remember, kindness towards others often leads to kindness towards yourself. After all, generosity makes us feel good.

Positive Affective State

The apparent benefit of charitable giving is that you get to feel good about helping others. But did you know that your generosity could also benefit you? When it comes to health and happiness, one key theme comes up repeatedly: being kinder to others is linked with a higher sense of well-being. Research has shown that our level of generosity can predict longevity in older adults. So, if you’re looking for ways to make yourself happier or healthier—this may be it! Here are some other benefits of charitable giving. You Get an Instant Good Mood Boost: 

Studies have found that people who give just $5 to charity report a substantial boost in mood. Their smiles broaden, their gazes soften—as opposed to their countenance after spending $5 on coffee, which isn’t always so sunny. 


So why should you give? It’s simple—because you can. There are many reasons to support a cause: it can feel good, help others, make you feel better about yourself or your life. But here’s one more reason—one that has less to do with your moral obligations and more to do with pure self-interest. Scientific research tells us that being generous is healthy for you, improving both mental and physical health in significant ways. That’s right; donating time and money makes us happier and healthier people. All of us have an opportunity to be generous on our terms, whether it’s by volunteering at a local food bank or giving our time as coaches or mentors in athletics or sports team management. Who wouldn’t want that?

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