Joanita Nakatte

Our Students Stories



Joanita Nakatteis 26 years-old and is contentedly single, in her own words. She is a graduate of The Uganda Christian University in Uganda. She joined our first group of girls in August 2018. She had no previous experience with a camera until Cameras For Girls invited her through our application process to participate in the 3-day training in Kampala. Since she was ten years old, she had the goal to become a journalist. Joanita was inspired by the news anchors she would see on local TV. She did not realize she could make this a career until one of her teachers in form 3 (our grade 2) told her it was possible through studying Mass Communications and Journalism. She states she never had a plan B -her only goal in life was to become a journalist. She now works with the Vision Group in Uganda with a local newspaper called Bukedde (Olupapula, which translates to Newspaper). Joanita states, “to be honest, with the possession of this camera, I’ve been able to gain trust from my editor, which means that I now get field assignments for reporting and my stories get published immediately, which wasn’t the case before.I was about to give up trying to get work when this opportunity to learn photography showed up. With the new-found skills, and encouragement I feel I can now reach all of my goals.”Joanita has worked hard for what she wants and this year, she was able to afford her own Canon DSLR, while supporting her mother, her siblings, and her community. Below are some of the images that Joanita has taken during her time in the course, and on her work assignments.