Amina teaching in Uganda @Cameras For Girls

Purpose and Meaning with Cameras For Girls

Art is one way to reach people in their hearts and minds. We can look at a piece of art, whether it be in the form of a written piece, a painting or even a photograph, and it will elicit deep feelings and, in some cases, transformation.

Cameras For Girls Gives Purpose and Meaning to Females in Uganda

My personal experience with photography continues to evolve, and I see how photography not only allows me to share my gifts with others but, more importantly, has allowed me to change lives through our work in Uganda. Thus, giving purpose and meaning to our work with females in Uganda.

When I ventured forth with Cameras For Girls, I knew that my philanthropic outreach could not be just as simple as providing photography training; it had to mean much more. It had to show the power of photography in changing one’s life. 

Amina teaching in Uganda @Cameras For Girls

Amina teaching the Cameras For Girls class in June 2019, Kampala, Uganda Photography by DanielMoxie0

“It’s not enough to just own a camera. Everyone owns a camera. To be a photographer, you must understand, appreciate,

and harness the power you hold!” 

 – Mark Denman

Cameras For Girls Helps Females Realize Their Power Through the Art of Photography

This quote resonates with me because I want our students to realize the power they hold in their hands when they learn the art of photography. They are females between the ages of 18-29, either in their last year of a communication and journalism degree course or have graduated and are seeking work. To get a paid position, which is true in most developing nations, they must own a camera and know how to use it properly. In many cases, not owning a camera can be a direct hindrance to getting a job.

Not only does this instrument help these young women learn a new skill, but it can empower them to boldly and proudly share their stories with the world. Through those stories, they can change the status quo for females everywhere.

We have all read the sad stories about poverty, gender inequality, lack of education, gender-based violence, child marriage, and the list goes on. It can be overwhelming and impossible to know where to begin when wanting to make a difference.

We Are Out To Make a Difference For Females in the Developing World

Both Triple F Photo Tours and Cameras For Girls were started to answer the call and make a difference for females in the developing world. We assist our girls in fighting for their rights and equal the playing field by equipping them with the tools and training to get full-time jobs.

Imagine a world where every female is educated, earning her own income, and empowered, not voice-less. That’s the world Cameras For Girls is building, starting with Uganda.

Let me share with you just a few examples of how the purpose and meaning behind our work have allowed our students to change their worlds.

Joanita setting up her camera at the Cameras For Girls workshop, Kampala, Uganda

Joanita Took Her Training and Got A Full-time Job In Uganda

Joanita Nakatte was in our first training in June 2019 and had a job but was not getting paid because she lacked a camera and the skills to use it. Two weeks after completing her initial training, she was placed on full-time payroll and now gets paid and published an average of 4 times per week. When the roof flew off her mom’s small home, she was able to repair it. She not only supports her mom, but she also supports her four siblings. She recently traded in the camera I gave her initially for a brand new DSLR, which she could purchase with the trade-in value and her savings. Joanita empowered herself with our support.

Sharon (on the right) studying the back of the camera with Lisa at the Cameras For Girls workshop, Kampala, Uganda, August 2018

Sharon is Giving Other Female Journalists a Voice

Sharon Kyatusiimire is a single mom striving to make a name for herself. With our financial assistance, Sharon is starting “The She Voice” to give other young female journalists in Uganda a voice and platform. She realizes that while she is a working female journalist, other young females don’t always get similar opportunities, and thus, she hopes to change that and, just like us, empower others to tell their stories.

Please follow our journey and support us in our endeavours to change more lives.

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