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Changing the lives of girls through photography

Our Mission

Cameras For Girls is a non-profit initiative born out of the sheer will to alleviate poverty for girls and women in 3rd world countries using photography as our medium.  Every year when we operate our photo-tour to Uganda, we carve out three days to teach photography and business skills to girls and women studying journalism in Uganda. 

We raise funds to purchase new and used cameras for the girls and teach them to use the camera to tell stories that matter to them. This tool helps the girls learn a new skill, advance their journalism careers, improve their options, and change their lives. 

Since 2018, Cameras For Girls has worked solely in Uganda but have plans to expand our training to other countries where girls and women can benefit from this training.

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Are you a female endeavoring to find work as a journalist in Uganda? Hoping to learn photography to improve your career options?

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We are always looking for Photographers in Uganda and Canada
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Students practicing and working with their cameras at the 2019 Cameras For Girls workshop in Kampala, Uganda

Our Impact

Changing Lives Through The Art of Photography

It did not take long for us to witness the impact of the training we provide. In impressive growth, the girls we work with now produce photographs that could rival any beginner who has a leg up using a bigger, quality camera. This is incredible seeing that at this time we are only able to provide old and new digital point and shoot cameras.

One of my students, Joanita shared how after three days of training helped open a window of opportunity and she was finally hired by her editor. This being because she could now take photos to pair with her stories (see testimonial below).  

Are you ready to make a difference in a girl’s life in Uganda?

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Girls Have Been Taught

Girls have full-time jobs

A portion of each trip goes towards supporting our initiative. We are currently raising funds to purchase better cameras for the girls, computers for the editing lab and are actively looking for sponsors.

Our Workshop

Learn about what sets our photography training apart

Our Students

Meet our students in Uganda, whose lives we are changing through the art of photography.

Our Team

Meet our team who makes this all finally possible easily

Meet the Toronto photographer behind Uganda’s ‘Cameras for Girls’ initiative

Published Monday, March 1, 2021,10:00 PM EST

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