Annet Nakigudde

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Annet Nakigudde took our Cameras For Girls training in August 2018 and holds a certificate in Journalism and Mass Communications from the International Institute of Business and Media Studies (IIBMS), in Uganda. She has worked hard to achieve media-related skills and is proficient in photography, videography, editing, voice-overs, and drama. Annet is currently seeking work in the media industry and works with Cameras For Girls to improve her photography and journalism skills.

“My name is Annet Nakigudde, and I was born in Uganda. I was raised by my mother, Teddy Namakula, who separated from my father due to the continuous brutality she experienced at his hands. My father, Fredrick Mugerwa, passed away many years ago. I am the youngest of six siblings, which consists of three boys and three girls. Life has not been easy raising six children with the struggles to house, feed, clothe and pay for education and medical bills. I am amazed at my mother’s strength.

Thankfully my older brother and mother helped pay for school so I could acquire business skills. My goal is to be a journalist, and in the last two years, I have worked hard to expand my photography, editing, and voice-overs skills.

Most of the challenges I faced were due to the lack of equipment and support. When Amina came along with Cameras For Girls and not only gave me a camera but taught me how to use it, I could finally see a future that I so long desired. I learned essential skills, such as operating a camera, working on my composition, and editing the photos for publication.

I still struggle as we are a poor family with minimal means, and I am grateful to have received support this past year from Amina for transportation and help to purchase food and pay rent.”

Below are some of Annet’s images in both the course and throughout her freelance career.